We are specialist growers of green roof Sedum. Top quality UK Sedum matting and modules with 16 different varieties for colour and texture.

Simply the best UK sedum direct from the grower

 We grow sedum blanket and modules for retail sale and to the trade


We are GreenRoofTops, one of the largest UK independent specialists, with years of experience. Our growing medium, and recycled geotextile backing technology has been developed to give maximum moisture retention and remain free draining whilst being as light as possible. Peat-free and from 100% recycled materials and green compost, there is structure for the lifetime of the plants. Green Roof Tops Sedum matting and modules come with enough nutrition for the first 12 months, and our full after-sales service can help and advise on future maintenance.


Sedums have unique qualities making them most suitable plants for a low-maintenance green roof. Stored water in their succulent leaves, allows them to survive drought conditions. And naturally hardy, they can survive the winter cold spells, flourishing where faster growing weeds can’t survive, reducing the need for weeding. Vella’s delux matting (blanket) and modules are grown from seed containing 16 different varieties for a great range of colour and texture. Our species selection is low growing, normally 2 – 5cm tall, only up to 10cm with flower heads. Spread by self-rooting laterals and by self-seeding, your roof remains lush and dense.

Sedum Blanket or Modules?

There are two routes to create an instant sedum roof: You can build it up using substrate and sedum blanket or you can use modules.

Sedum Blanket method: This requires various layers to be built up on the roof. On top of the waterproofing membrane you would usually have some protection fleece, followed by a drainage layer to allow excess rainwater to escape, this is followed by some substrate (compost) and finally the sedum blanket. You also have to include a system to prevent the substrate from escaping at the edges and into the drains.

Sedum Modules: This is the all in one solution. Each module contains the full package of drainage, water reservoir, substrate and fully grown sedum. Installation is quick and simple – they just click together on the roof to create an instant result.


Grand Designs Wirral

Grand Designs Wirral 2016


At GreenRoofTops, we pride ourselves in delivering the very best quality UK grown Sedum . Growing in the Gloucestershire countryside we use advanced custom-built machinery together with irrigation, fertigation systems and horticultural knowledge built up over many years to grow the best quality sedum mat possible. We only sell our own home-grown sedum, we don’t buy in. On this site you are dealing direct with the grower. Please accept our apologies if we cannot respond immediately to you as we do not have a fancy office with lots of people in it manning the phones but try the mobile numbers instead. We believe in good old fashioned value from real people who know their stuff. So if you want a man in a suit and a flash car to call on you, drink your coffee  or a website with lots of Buy Now buttons and not so special offers then I am sure “other sedum companies are available”. If not and you like our style then we will be more than happy to supply you with the best sedum available. Custom-grown products are available, and any reasonable request will be considered. Tell us what you want and we’ll grow it to your specification. Our sedum has been used on a number of prestigious projects including Great Ormond Street Hospital and St. Andrews Golf Club, and Birmingham New Street Station.


NOTE: prices here are ex. VAT and ex. nursery, i.e. delivery is extra. If you can work out what you need from the above information just contact us or phone Julia our Sales Manager on 07551481301. We will be pleased to work out a price including transport and VAT. If you don’t know exactly what you need, then we are here to help. We are sedum growers rather than green roof salespeople. We want to sell you sedum but if you want anything else to make your lovely green roof, then we are pleased to offer you those as well! But we won’t try and sell you things you don’t need!

Philliphaugh Star Gazing Pavillion
Sedum Roof at Whitesands in Pembrokeshire


Following your order we arrange a delivery date and lift your sedum and collate any other items you need. Once delivered your sedum needs to be either laid on the roof or at least unrolled within 48hrs in the winter or 24 hrs in the summer. This is important to prevent damage. We generally use Palletways for smaller orders and a dedicated lorry for larger ones. Orders are lifted and loaded one day and arrive the next. We normally dispatch Monday to Thursday for delivery Tuesday to Friday. Practical and technical advice and support is available during and after installation.
Important Information: Delivery is  by lorry so if you have any access restrictions then we will need to know. Delivery is what is known as ‘Kerbside Delivery’. The lorry will have a tail lift and the driver will take the pallet off using a hand truck. He will not take it any further or lift it onto the roof for you! Other delivery options are however available. Delivery prices: unless you are in a remote location, most of England and Wales would be about £80 for the first pallet, £70 each for the second and £60 each thereafter. AM is an extra £10 and timed deliveries are £17.50 Please check you have the right delivery option when you get your invoice as we cannot upgrade the service once it has left. We use Palletways as our normal delivery company. Your order is collected by our local depot, taken to a central hub and  then delivered by your local depot. As we are not in control as we are if dedicated transport door to door is used, we are unable to ring the driver and ask “when he will be there” If you wish to have a dedicated truck delivering door to door then we can quote for this however Palletways is generally the most cost effective method. Collection is fine,  you save on the transport costs and we get to meet you the customer which is a welcome change from growing sedum!  You can also see how your sedum was grown.




£17.50 per square metre. Roll size: 1m x 2m. Up to 30 sq. m. per pallet.
Green Rooftops sedum blanket is grown in 1m widths. Normally cut into 2m lengths which are rolled and put on pallets for delivery.
It is possible to cut into 1.0m or 1.5m pieces if required for a small extra charge . If 1.0m pieces are used they can be laid flat on the pallet rather than in rolls.
Grown from seed containing 16 varieties or cuttings. Typically blanket does not show as many varieties as our modules. Normally to make up a roof covering from Sedum Blanket you need the Blanket, Drainage board, Compost and edging strip. For simpler installation use Sedum Modules



“I have never seen a sedum roof so rich, so diverse, so full of different species” – Kevin Mcloud of Grand Designs
£39 per m2 Can be dispatched up to 44 per pallet. (10m2)
Check with your roofer to see if you need underlay fleece underneath the modules
Everything you need in one package. Each module is a complete unit with drainage system, reservoir and compost, topped by our outstanding sedum grown from a seed mix of 16 varieties.
The modules interlock to create an instant effect. Each module is 460mm x 490mm. (4.5 per m2) more info



£70.00 per bag. Supplied in bulk ‘builders’ bags, one per pallet. Each bag holds just under a cubic meter and at 2cm depth is enough for 40-50m2. If you have some left over you can use it in your garden! We can also do part bags if required. Our compost is a special mix developed with our supplier specifically to minimise the occurrence of weeds whilst retaining moisture. Normally we would recommend no more than 2cm of compost beneath the mat. If you put more, then yes, the sedum will grow very lush but weeds can become established and more maintenance will be required.



£7.65 per square metre. supplied on a roll 0.92m wide, 20mm deep.
Can be dispatched on top of a pallet of sedum or compost. A superior product with 20mm deep water reservoir holding up to 5.5litres/m2 and a design life of 120 years.
For large roofs it is recommended that you use a drainage layer beneath the compost/mat. This enables excess water to run away beneath and also captures some in small reservoirs. The sedum will root into this and a drainage layer will help sustain it in drought conditions.
On small roofs with a reasonable pitch, e.g. sheds, then we don’t think this is really necessary as the water will run off without puddling. However Sedum does not like bad drainage and this would result in the sedum becoming overgrown with moss over a period of time. .



£12.00 per 1.0m. Only sold in lengths. 80mm high.
We have supplied these lovely aluminium edging strips for some time now and whilst they are expensive, they do the business.
They look great and will not rot or degrade like cheaper plastic or steel would.


£5.30 each. Slip inside edge strip to create a tidy join. These slip inside the rolled edges of the edge strip to create solid joints, and also have pre-marked pieces to cut out to create professional looking corners.

Delivery of edging – Free if ordered with Sedum modules or blanket, £30 otherwise



£1.68 per square metre. 1m wide recycled polyester mat. Use underneath drainage layer or modules to protect the roof membrane (check with your roofer to see if it is required) or underneath sedum mat, to increase water retention.
This is the same mat as we use as a base for our sedum mat. It can be used beneath the drainage layer to protect your membrane from damage. But also underlay has been used successfully where no drainage layer is being used, to increase water holding and provide a drainage route for excess water.



£12.00 per 1kg bag by post to your door. Sprinkle at a rate of about 50g / m2 over your sedum once or twice a year to provide on going nutrition and ensure your green roof maintains its vigour. The resin coated granules slowly release the fertilizer over many months providing all he nutrients needed including trace elements. The resin coat also means that it does not damage the foliage so there is no need to water in. 1kg bag is enough for 20m2 of roof.

How to Order

How to Order

Just drop us a line using the contact form with your requirements, we will then email you a quote, then make a bank transfer and let us know when you want it. We do not take cards at present to keep costs down.

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Please note this is the office only. For collection address please contact us

Contact: Julia (Sales Manager) : 01531825191 or 07551481301 To request a quote please use this form or email us at quotes@greenrooftops.co.uk . It is essential that you include the delivery address and billing address (if different) and a delivery contact telephone number if you want a quote.


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