We are specialist growers of green roof Sedum. Top quality UK Sedum modules and matting with 16 different varieties for colour and texture.


At GreenRoofTops, we pride ourselves in delivering the very best quality UK grown Sedum. Growing in the Gloucestershire countryside we use advanced custom built machinery together with irrigation, fertigation systems and horticultural knowledge built up over many years to grow the best quality sedum. We only sell our own home-grown sedum, we never buy in. Please accept our apologies if we cannot respond immediately to you as we do not have a fancy office with lots of people in it manning the phones but try the mobile numbers instead. We believe in good old fashioned value from real people who know their stuff. On this site you are dealing direct with the grower and you are welcome to come and see us and see how we work.

We are one of the largest UK independent specialist, with years of experience. Our growing medium,and recycled geotextile backing technology has been developed to give maximum moisture retention and remain free draining whilst being as light as possible. Peat-free and from 100% recycled materials and green compost, there is structure for the lifetime of the plants. Green Roof Tops Sedum modules and matting come with enough nutrition for the first 12 months, and our full after-sale service can help and advise on future maintenance.


Sedum have unique qualities making them most suitable plants for a low-maintenance green roof. Stored water in their succulent leaves, allows them to survive drought conditions. And naturally hardy, they can survive the winter cold spells, flourishing where faster growing weeds can’t survive,reducing the need for weefing. Vella’s blanket and modules contain 16 different varieties for a great range of colour and texture. Our species selection is low growing, normally 2-5cm tall, only up to 10cm with flower heads. Spread by self-rooting laterals and by self-seeding, your roof remains lush and dense.

There are two routes to create an instant sedum roof:


£45/m2 (£10 tray) ex. VAT This is the all in one solution. Each Module contains the full package of drainage, water reservoir, substrate and fully grown sedum. Installation is quick and simple – they just click together on the roof to create an instant result. You can cut sedum modules in halves and quarters if needed.

Sedum modules suitable for any project no matter big or small
Great pollinator


Sedum blanket method: This requires various layers to be built up on the roof. (Underlay , drainage/water reservoir layer, 2-3 cm of substrate and sedum blanket) . You also have to include some system for preventing the compost from escaping at the edges and into gutters and drains.

Sedum Blanket- great solution for the curved roofs and odd angles.


£60 per m2 Grown from cuttings taken from stock originally sourced from the car park of a hotel being demolished in Pembrokeshire. Specifications same as for standard modules


Our Standard Mix used for growing modules is grown from seed containing 16 varieties below. This ensures that there is a greater and more consistent mix of varieties in our modules. Whilst it impossible to always find all varieties in any one tray at least we can say that by starting with the best seed we have done our best. Our Sedum Blanket is grown from cuttings from this mix but tends to have fewer varieties present.

Sedum stoloniferum
Sedum stoloniferum
Grand Designs Wirral 2016

“I have never seen a sedum roof so rich, so diverse, so full of different species” – Kevin Mcloud of Grand Designs