Sedum blanket system



£35/m2 ex. VAT (sedum blanket, underlay, substrate, water reservoir)


The Greenrooftops mixed sedum mat comprises of a recycled polyester fibre mat, with a thin layer of specialist green roof substrate which the sedum plants themselves grow. Different varieties have a range of different flowering periods resulting in constantly changing colours throughout the summer and early autumn. Sedum blanket full system build up: underlay layer, water reservoir layer, 2-3cm substrate, sedum blanket.


  • Standard Roll Size 2.0m x 1.0m (2.0 m2)
  • Sedum blanket system: underlay layer, drainage/water reservoir layer, 2-3cm substrate, sedum blanket
  • Sedum blanket full system saturated weight is 85-100kg/m2

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