Sedum Modules - The instant green roof

The instant green roof
Sedum Modules just £39 per m2 direct from the grower.

The module or sedum roof tray is a tray containing a water reservoir which is filled with a special granule to retain water and provide drainage. The reservoir has a specially designed overflow system so when full water is drained out beneath the module. Beneath the module are channels to allow excess water to run freely across the roof. Above the drainage granules is our own bespoke sedum compost with the mix of 16 varieties of sedum at a mature growing stage. Depending on the time of year delivered they may also be in flower.

Sedum Module ready for dispatch from GreenRoofTops
Sedum module structure
Sedum modules being grown

Grown from seed to ensure the diversity varieties is ensured in the final product, our modules are carefully nurtured and maintained so that when dispatched to you the best result possible is produced.

Once you get your modules all you have to do is click them together on the roof and that is it!

Why use a modular system?

Installation is quick and simple and unlike a sedum blanket system can be installed with little or no training.
For contractors there are great advantages in reducing the amount labour and skills required on the roof.
Everything you require comes on a pallet – just click the trays together and enjoy your roof.
Should any maintenance of the roof be required simply lift out a few trays and replace.

Using modules is much cleaner than a blanket system – much easier to carry modules through a building than blanket and bags of substrate.