Sedum Module

Sedum Module

£45 per/m2 Can be dispatched up to 45 per pallet (10m2) Check with your roofer to see if you need underlay fleece. Everything in one package, just click them together on the roof! Each module is 460 x 495mm , 4.5modules / m2

Sedum Blanket

Sedum Blanket

£20 per/m2

Roll size 1m x 2m. Up to 30m2 per pallet

Sedum blanket is grown from cuttings resulting in fewer varieties than can be found in our modules.

Sedum Anglicum Modules

Special Native Variety Modules

  • £60 per m2
  • Grown from cuttings taken from stock originally sourced from the car park of a hotel being demolished in Pembrokeshire. Specifications same as for standard modules
Sedum Compost

Sedum Compost

  • £70 per bag. supplied in bulk “builders bags”, one per pallet. Each bag holds enough for about 30m2.
  • Specially developed to minimise the growth of weeds. Do not put more than 2cm depth beneath blanket – if you put more then your sedum may grow very lush but you will have more weed problems
Drainage Board

Drainage layer/ Water reservoir

  • £8.00 per m2 Supplied on a roll 0.92m wide, 20mm deep
  • Can be dispatched on top of sedum on pallet.
  • Holds 5.5litres/m2 of water
Aluminium edge strip

Aluminium Edge Strip

  • £12.00 per 1m length 80mm high
  • Expensive but they look the business!
  • Do not degrade like steel or plastic equivalents
  • Edging delivered free with sedum modules or £30 otherwise
Edge Corners

Edge Corners

  • £5.30 each Join edge strips as shown
  • Creates professional looking corners
  • Edging delivered free with sedum modules or £30 otherwise

Underlay Matting

  • £1.68 /m2
  • 1m wide recycled polyester.
  • Use underneath drainage board or modules to protect roof membrane


  • £14 per 1kg bag by post
  • sprinkle at rate of 50g/m2 once or twice a year.
  • resin coated granules slowly release fertilizer over several months
  • 1 bag per 20m2


Note: Prices here are ex. VAT and ex. delivery. If you know the area of your roof if which system you would like to order, then drop us a line or call Julia (Sales Manager) on 07551481301 or 01531 825191

We will be pleased to work out a price including transport and VAT. If you don’t know exactly what you need, then we are here to help. We are sedum growers rather than green roof salespeople. We want to sell you sedum but we won’t try and sell you things you don’t need!


Delivery prices: unless you are in a remote location, most of England and Wales would be £65-£80/ pallet, based on your postcode area. AM is extra £10 ant timed deliveries are £17.50. Please check you have the right delivery option when you get your invoice as we cannot upgrade the service once it has left. We use Palletnetwork as our normal delivery company. Your order is collected by our local depot, taken to a central hub and then delivered by your local depot. All our orders are booked for Premium Next Delivery Service. Delivery is what is known as ” Kerbside Delivery”. The lorry will have a tail lift and the driver will take the pallet off using a hand truck. He will not take it any further or lift it onto the roof for you! Collection is fine, you save on the transport costs and we get to meet you the customer which is welcome change from growing sedum! You can also see how your sedum was grown.